My earliest memory with cacao and chocolate dates back to when I was five years old in Ecuador.

All my family squeezed in a red FJ40, cruising down from the high Andes, through the cloud forest, into the tropical lowlands. The windows were down, the salty warm breeze suggested the nearing sea, and some long coppery patches started to color the road in the distance. All of a sudden, a pungent and novel aroma abruptly invaded. I remember reacting somewhat curious but mostly upset and confused. My family giggled and added to the puzzle by trying to convince me that it came from patches of cacao beans drying on the hot asphalt, waiting to magically be transformed into my oldest obsession, chocolate.


Cocanú was founded to experiment, discover, and communicate the flavor diversity of cacao beyond a conventional chocolate standard.

We source and transform cacao from various equatorial regions. Our fundamental values stem from a genuine awareness and respect for the people, materials, and environments involved in making our work possible.

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