Does SocialPilot Actually Post to Instagram


Are you looking for an easier means of boosting your content across multiple social media platforms? Check this review, and see if SocialPilot is the one you ought to be spending money on.

The point of publishing any sort of content on your blog or website is making certain it’s consumed by as many people as possible. For this, promoting through social media platforms like facebook and Twitter should be second nature.

Promoting through these platforms allows your content to be shared not just in your blog’s followers, but also across other different networks of people. This generates traffic and exposure which is fantastic news for any content publisher.

Keeping your social media followers engaged is of the utmost importance. For this, posting content in any form is a must. From teasers to statements, you should maintain the interest of your own fans.

For those maintaining many accounts, this won’t be an easy task. It can consume a large chunk of your time and sometimes, you just don’t have the time to consider it.

Luckily for you, the market is filled with software built for automatic posting and other services to enhance your social media content publishing. One of them is SocialPilot, which can help you manage your blog or website’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. If you need a visual guide, why not check out this video from SocialPilot themselves.


What are SocialPilot’s Most Useful Features? Does SocialPilot Actually Post to Instagram

Easy Account Management

SocialPilot will help make managing your account across different platforms easy and without unnecessary fuss. To help keep things organized, SocialPilot lets you categorize your accounts into groups.

This takes care of almost all steps that includes posting the exact same content across all your platforms. Selecting all of them and grouping them into one procedure is all that it takes.

Due to this grouping feature, all that is left is for you to decide on the platform (one or more) in which you want the content to appear.

A keyword can be used for searching to quickly sort through a lineup of content. This is especially useful for people who maintain a bank of articles that you’d like to post on certain situations. Selecting all the posts that you want to show up on your social media platforms can be done by just using the key word.

SocialPilot can do all the scheduling, queuing, and sharing that you require. Plus, you can even edit all of your posts before and after scheduling in only 1 screen.

Jump Facebook’s Source Tagging Feature

On Facebook, some articles noticeably has the source tagging feature. Facebook actually shows if a post was created or posted with a social networking managing tool. Audiences can think of your articles as less natural if they see tags like that, but it’s not the biggest problem.

This may be quite the problem for some programs as you can’t remove these tags. Fortunately, articles made using SocialPilot can be immune from this. What’s better is SocialPilot users may also place their own branding under the posts instead of the name of the app.

Your articles would seem more organic and your audience will surely appreciate the effort, all while you are promoting your brand.

Easy Social Media Analytics

SocialPilot also includes a quite powerful social media analytics feature that’s not unnecessarily complicated. Using this, you can quickly correct your social media campaign after just glancing in the data that this feature can offer you.

This analytics attribute can extend beyond your social networking platform, since you can even examine traffic from different sources such as posts on another site. In a way, SocialPilot comes bundled with its own general usage analytics application.

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Post Articles En Masse

The ability to rapidly create a whole lot of posts is something that SocialPilot can provide you. You also won’t have to input the articles one by one through SocialPilot. It can be as easy as uploading a CSV file that contains all the articles that you would like to be part of this line up. One CSV file can be used to store up to 500 pending articles.

Collaborate and Work as a Group

SocialPilot lets you collaborate on your articles with members of a team. You can share files and talk to each other without leaving SocialPilot. You also won’t have to be worried about paying more for each member of the team on the project, as SocialPilot doesn’t charge per person.

Well-constructed Web Browser Extension

SocialPilot users can have easy access to a number of its features without even opening up SocialPilot itself through the dedicated extension that you can install on your own internet browsers. Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge have guaranteed compatibility with the extension.

Say a part of your group finds something intriguing on the internet that can serve as inspiration for your next article. Share things quickly to the members of the team can be done through the SocialPilot browser extension.

Posting stuff that you come across to in your social networking platforms is possible. However, the biggest advantage that this feature can bring is majority posting of photos straight from Canva to all of your social networking accounts.


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Manage Client Social Media Accounts with SocialPilot

Managing even your customer’s social media accounts can be done through the Client Management tool on Social Pilot. For online marketers, this means that you don’t even need to be made an admin of your client’s page nor request their login credentials, since it is possible to manage their account through SocialPilot.

Get Suggestions for your Next Post

But what if you don’t have enough experience on posting in social networking platforms or even completely new to social media? It’s packed with an advanced algorithm that can help you to curate the eye-catching content with ease. It also indicates contents for monitoring them over different social websites. This will save your valuable time in searching for the content to post.

If you’re just starting in social networking promotion, or you just don’t think that you are creative enough for this, then you will love SocialPilot more. Through SocialPilot’s analytics attribute and an advanced algorithm, you can get suggestions that will help you draft posts built for catching attention.

This feature is so good that I found myself straight up scheduling the suggestions which SocialPilot gave me. Editing a few lines or so is needed on bad days. But usually, the suggestions from this feature are good enough to be posted straight away, or be scheduled as part of a line up. Does SocialPilot Actually Post to Instagram


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How about the Disadvantages?

Needless to say, no tool is without its flaws. Here are two things that you must take into account before purchasing a SocialPilot plan.

Limited Instagram Capabilities

This could come off as a bit of a shock as Instagram is possessed by Facebook, but the things which you could do on the popular picture sharing website is not anywhere near as successful as the things that you can do on Facebook.

Instagram did not allow social media management tools to post on behalf of their accounts registered on the site until 2018, so this would not be news back then.

However, this should be a essential upgrade once Instagram loosened up with its policies on articles made with 3rd party software.

SocialPilot just didn’t jump on this announcement quickly enough, which makes it left behind by its competitors in this respect.

As of the moment, the SocialPilot Windows app can allow you posting on Instagram. Nonetheless, you’d still need to finish the task of posting through the SocialPilot mobile application.

You may schedule articles on Instagram, but you want to approve every individual posts through the mobile app. If you’re posting on Instagram, you should also say goodbye to SocialPilot’s analytics feature.

SocialPilot’s analytics can’t obtain data on the range of your Instagram articles, which is a very major blow for such a powerful tool.

SocialPilot announced that full Instagram integration will happen in the future, but if you’re planning on improving your brand’s Instagram existence, then you would probably be disappointed.

The User Interface can be Better

If there’s something that separates apps today from what we had in the earlier days of tech, it is probably the undeniably better, much more intuitive user interfaces which have set the norm.

SocialPilot’s user interface is not all that bad. You will not be diving into a deep layer of settings to get what you need to do. But, considering how much user interfaces have improved through the years, then SocialPilot’s is a bit outdated.

Sure, it looks nice. But button placement can be improved on a lot of its menus. It might sound like I’m just nitpicking at this moment and I might agree a little bit on that. But, you’d want all convenience that you could have when it comes to social media promotion. Does SocialPilot Actually Post to Instagram


You can get SocialPilot through the following plans:

Professional Plan: $30 per month

Little Team Plan: $50 per month

Agency Plan: $100 per month

With the professional plan, you can handle 25 social media accounts and send out 200 posts per day. You can also maintain a lineup of 2500 posts on queue. The Client Management and Social Inbox features, however, will not be included.

For those, you would have to update to the Small Team plan, which lets you handle 50 social media accounts and send out 500 articles each day. You can even keep a lineup of 5000 articles on queue.

The full capabilities of SocialPilot can already be utilized at the Small Team program. Upgrading to the Agency Plan just increases the number of accounts you can manage to 100, make 1000 posts each day, and also have a queue which maxes out at 10,000 posts.

Does SocialPilot Actually Post to Instagram

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SocialPilot’s biggest advantage is that it provides the best features at the lowest plan, just to be honest. With its professional plan, you already have a powerful tool for boosting in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sure, you won’t be doing much on Instagram as of now, but SocialPilot will probably get that much needed update soon.

If you are willing to pass up on the Instagram capabilities, then SocialPilot might be the social media management app for your team. This one is reliable enough and packed with features given its cost, making it very easy to recommend to even the newest social media promoters.

FAQ Does SocialPilot Actually Post to Instagram

Q: Does SocialPilot offer a free trial?

A: Yes, you can try out SocialPilot’s plans for 14 days.

Q: Can I only use SocialPilot with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?

A: You may also post on Google+ and VK using SocialPilot. It is only that Facebook and Twitter should be where most social media promoters focus on.

Q: How can I incorporate SocialPilot with Canva?

A: You’d just have to make an account on Canva with the SocialPilot application.

Q: Is it available on iOS?

A: Yes, the mobile app is available on both Android and iOS.

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