My earliest memory with cacao and chocolate dates back to when I was five years old. The whole family was squeezed in the car cruising through the tropical lowlands of Ecuador where we began to cross patches of fermented cacao beans drying on the side of the road. The windows were down (the AC never worked, also nobody uses AC over there) when suddenly a novel aroma invaded us with violence. My family didn't get enough giggles from my desperate confusion but then twisted my little brain even further by trying to convince me that such monster, called "cacao", had the special power to transform into my oldest obsession, chocolate.


Cocanú was founded to experiment, discover, and communicate the flavor diversity of cacao beyond a conventional chocolate standard.

We source and transform cacao from various equatorial regions but our fundamental value is to pursue this transformation with genuine awareness and respect for the people, materials, and environments involved within the process.

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